Our True Hope Day 6 – God’s Chosen Servant

Bible Reading: Isaiah 42:1-9

The celebration of Christmas is celebrating God sending Jesus to the earth as his servant with a mission.  That mission was to bring justice to the nations, give strength to the weak, demonstrate God’s righteousness, and remind people of God’s covenant (promise) to them!  God declared all of this would happen long before it happened (Isaiah 42:9) so that everyone would know that He is God.  And God poured out his Spirit on his servant Jesus (Isaiah 42:1) so that everyone would see the power of God working through Him.
Matthew 12:1-21 records how Jesus fulfilled his mission as God’s servant by meeting the needs of the hurting and broken.  As He accomplished this purpose, some wanted to kill him.  However, many others saw God’s Spirit in Him.  Jesus continued this work even as He journeyed to the cross and died for our sins.  The punishment and justice that we deserved were fulfilled by Jesus!
In summary, as we celebrate Jesus birth, we celebrate the mission God gave him.  And as we celebrate the mission God gave to Jesus, we can be reminded of the same purpose He gives to all believers in Jesus.  Jesus no longer walks on this earth, yet His Spirit is alive in us to accomplish His mission until Jesus comes again.
  • Jesus was a chosen servant, so are we. Isaiah 42:1
  • Jesus was empowered by God’s Spirit, as we should be.  Isaiah 42:1
  • Jesus was strengthened, as we can be.  Isaiah 42:1
  • Jesus wasn’t discouraged at the situation, and we should we not be discouraged.  Isaiah 42:4
  • Jesus kept quiet even when treated unfairly, as we should be. Isaiah 42:2
  • Jesus demonstrated righteousness, so should we. Isaiah 42:6
  • Jesus helped the weak so that they wouldn’t “break”, so should we. Isaiah 42:3
As we look at God’s chosen servant Jesus who came for us, we look to Him as our example as we seek to serve God each day.
Question to Consider:  How does God want to use me in my everyday life to be an example of Jesus to those who need Him?
Additional Reading:  Matthew 12:1-21

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