Missions Spotlight

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Interested in missions?

We support mission teams all around the world.  If you have a heart for missions, please give us a call.

These are just a few of the teams we support all around the world:

Tonya Wharton Perry – Set Free Ministries

Set Free was formed in January 1990 in response to a need in the lives of several individuals who desired to serve God more fully, yet found their sexual feelings or activities in conflict with that desire. Set Free specializes in areas of identity, whether you're struggling with unwanted Same Sex attraction, depression, alcohol/drug addiction, all types of sexual addiction, pornography, abuse, problems in marriage, general unhealthy relationships, or no direction and feel stuck! God has anointed and equipped us to train and help facilitate God's healing and freedom in these specifics areas. We desire to apply the truth of the Gospel to the abused and those seeking hope and freedom from life-dominating struggles.  We offer hope to churches, [...]

Roger & Sharon Holland – Intercultural Ministries

The Lord has called us to a great need in our country to prepare and recruit workers to build churches among the Hispanic Districts of the Assemblies of God.  We cannot deny the growth and the need that there is.  By the year 2050 the United States of America is projected to be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world.  Every day souls are lost and it is our responsibility to reach them,  As many of you know we had been working with Teen Challenge in Bolivia.  That work continues on with its own Bolivian Pastoral Board members who are supervising the work, a beautiful young couple as pastors and directors of the Church and Center, Pastor David [...]

The Deal Family | Missionaries in Senegal

Brett & Elise Deal Daphne, Ava, Henry, and Fiona ENTERING THE UPPER ROOM - In the heart of Parcelles, one of the largest neighborhoods of the Northern shore of Dakar, sits a five story hotel. Bright yellow paint is slowly chipping at the edges while one palm tree rises out of the sand to welcome you in. The hotel sits across the street from a bustling market. People shuttling back and forth below this gold-and-glass inn as buses and horse carts roll up and down in front. This hotel is our church’s temporary home. Walking through the dark lobby, tiled and poorly lit, leads to an unmarked door at the back. Light spills through the open door where the [...]

Tim O’Brien | Missionary Associate to Myanmar

Missionary Spotlight on. . . TIM O'BRIEN MISSIONARY ASSOCIATE TO MYANMAR The nation of Myanmar is the name of once was known as Burma. Last estimate it has a population of 55 to 60 million. The country is 80% Buddhist and 95% of the country is without the Gospel. There are many needs in Myanmar, like many countries in the region poverty, slavery / human trafficking, drugs addictions are big problems. Tim was made aware of Myanmar 2 years ago, and the funny thing that opened the door was his skills as a cook. He went there for 21 days to help manage a coffee house in the city of Yangon. God made it very evident that He wanted Tim there. The love between Tim and [...]

Liz Miller | Sharing Christ with North African Muslims in France

Missionary Spotlight on. . . LIZ MILLER DECLARING HIS GLORY: SHARING CHRIST WITH NORTHAFRICAN MUSLIMS IN FRANCE Liz is a missionary through Christar to Muslim women in Lyon, France for the past six years. Her team has a goal of planting a church among the North African Muslim population in Lyon. Many Muslims come from other countries to France in hopelessness. Many of them believe the eternal hope we have in Christ doesn’t exist in France. They do not have access to a church that preaches the gospel in their own language and culture. We try to show them that Christ changes lives, outlooks and desires. One of the things I love about the ministry here in Lyon is [...]

Headlight in Trucking | Trucking Ministry

Headlight in Trucking In the United States, our economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly 70% of all freight transported annually. Because of this, there are over 3 million truck drivers! Headlight in Trucking Ministry uses two 18 wheelers rigged for truck stop ministry to reach over-the-road drivers. They deliver the salvation message of Jesus Christ to truckers by using these rolling churches. "We bring the church to the road, ministering to truck stops, providing much needed counsel and encouragement to the lonely driver, many miles from home." Please pray for... For opportunities and divine appointments to share God's love and the Gospel to truckers as well as employees at the truck stops. For softening of the hearts of the [...]